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Tax Free is a system of a value added tax refund (VAT). Only non-residents of the Customs Union of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan are eligible to claim a VAT refund. RUE “Beltamozhservice” is the Tax Free system operator in the Republic of Belarus.

The Tax Free system is applied only to some types of goods charged at the VAT rate of 20% and provides 15% of the VAT exclusive price repayment. VAT refund is carried out in Belarusian rubles (BYR).

You are entitled to a VAT refund only if you have made a minimum purchase for not less than BYR 800 000 (approximately USD 90) on the same day in the same store participating in the Tax Free system.

 To get your VAT refund it is necessary:


  1. draw up a special “VAT refund cheque” in the shop. For this purpose it is necessary to address to the shop assistant where the goods have been acquired, show the payment documents (cash vouchers) confirming goods payment, also show your passport or any other equivalent travel document.

  2. “VAT refund cheque” is filled in duplicate in the shop. The first sample of “VAT refund cheque”, the copy of its second sample, and also a special envelope sent by mail free of charge to RUE "Beltamozhservice" are given to a customer. The second sample of “VAT refund cheque” is stored in the  organization that sold the goods;

  3. examine whether “VAT refund cheque” is filled in correctly:

    • check your personal information and information about the purchased goods;
    • verify that the shop assistant has signed and stamped your “VAT refund cheque”;
    • control that cash vouchers on the purchased goods are attached to the first sample of your “VAT refund cheque”;
  4. export the purchased goods during three months from the date when you bought them. Show the goods, “VAT refund cheque” and the document, which requisites are specified in “VAT refund cheque”, to  the Customs Officer and ask him / her to stamp your “VAT refund cheque”.

  5. Make sure that the purchased goods are unused and available to Customs in the original package. The mark of exported goods can be stamped concerning all goods listed in your “VAT refund cheque” as well as part of them;

  6. submit your “VAT refund cheque” to RUE “Beltamozhservice” by post within the six month period from the date when the goods were exported. For that it is necessary:

    • fill in the reverse side of your “VAT refund cheque” with information about a bank card on which you want to receive your VAT refund;
    • put your “VAT refund cheque” in a special envelope you was given in the store;
    • send the letter to RUE “Beltamozhservice” free of charge from any country.

Having received your letter, RUE “Beltamozhservice” will transfer your VAT refund to the bank card you have specified within the 30 day period.